Meditation: breaking out of the matrix…

Hi All, meditation is a process, it’s also a lifestyle with profound consequences for how one experiences reality… Should we be interested in reality today? Absolutely! I believe that reality is not quite as straight forward as it seems! In fact, in my blog yesterday i used the word “control” – that throughout human history we see numerous crude and subtle attempts to control people – kings with armies, priests and intellectuals with ideas, and merchants with money. And today is the same. What then does “control” have to do with “reality”? What’s the best way to control people? To “create” how they perceive reality. Think about it – if you can give a slave a view of reality that confirms the inevitability of his / her being a slave, then you have a compliant, accepting slave. So, the ability for a ruling order to create the perceived reality of their “subjects” is important for the viable continuation of that regime.

Could it be that the ruling order today is consciously, actively creating and imposing a “reality” that just happens to be conducive to controlling the population? Sound way out? I would suggest that an analysis of society today based on yoga principles would arrive at precisely this conclusion. In this sense what passes itself off as culture is not real culture but “pseudo-culture”, and that “reality-producing” pseudo-culture is carefully designed to keep the population compliant.

The most obvious example of this is the “War on Terror”, where the ones purporting to be fighting the terror are actually the ones perpetrating the terror – and yet, the compliant population accepts the phoney version. In other words we have been nicely “conditioned”.

So what does that have to do with meditation? Through meditation, one begins to access and experience the higher layers of mind. In Yoga there are understood to be 5 layers of the human mind. Typically human beings on this planet habitually access only the lower 2 layers, the instinctual mind (which works closely with the body), and the intellect, or analytic mind. And each of those layers of mind access a certain type of reality. As regards the imposition of a reality onto a population, practically it will only work at the lower layers of the mind – the narrower, more restricted layers of mind.

There are, however, 3 higher layers of mind – collectively known as the Intuitional layers of mind. Those higher layers of mind will transgress attempts at imposing reality that rely on the lower two layers. Hence, meditation – through accessing higher layers of mind – leads to the experience of a more expanded reality. Any imposed reality based on the lower two layers begin to fall apart. Hence, meditation has always been a profoundly revolutionary act – breaking out of the matrix. An important part of the ongoing struggle for the emancipation of this world from the forces of ignorance is meditation. I encourage everyone to learn meditation, expand the mind, be liberated from the “matrix” and enjoy bliss!