Break out now / Break the chains / Tear the prison down!

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Isn’t that a cool photo?! A few more words on lyrics in the song blogged earlier (scroll down) “Carry us along”.


Break out now / Break the chains / Tear the prison down

It’s a fight – a battle for this world. A battle to overcome the negative forces in this universe that work through various misguided beings – both human and non-human – to keep humanity in a very narrow spectrum of consciousness – a state in which human beings can be easily manipulated to serve the agenda of the oppressors. This is a very common story through out the ages, and now – with the advent of advanced technology – is about to reach it’s culminating point with the so-called New World Order. Many researchers have highlighted the form which this is intended to take: A Global fascist Government, a Global Bank, a Global Army and a microchipped population.

Now, we have looked several times at the mantra “Ba’ba’ Na’m Kevalam” (everything is the expression of One Infinite loving Consciousness). If that is really true, doesn’t that then mean that even this diabolical New World Order is the expression of Infinite Loving Consciousness? Yes, it does, BUT….

…this does not mean that we are to sit by idly and accept it. Why? Because, in this “Relatively Free Will Universe”, the crudifying force (that metamorphoses Consciousness into various forms – ultimately, solid matter) is also at work in the living world including the human world. More developed beings align with Dharma or Vidya – the elevating force in the Universe, while unenlightened beings of the level of human beings – may choose to align either with the elevating force or the degenerating force of the cosmos as per their free will.

Now, simply because some very misguided beings have chosen to align themselves with the Avidya (degenerating) force and create a degraded human society, does not then mean we are to bow to that. What are progressive people to do? They are to align themselves practically with the Vidya (elevating, progressive) force in the Universe and proceed accordingly. Two questions arise: Firstly, how does one align oneself with the Viya force and secondly, what will then happen.

Firstly, the various authentic practices of tantra yoga (as found in Ananda Marga) accomplish that – if sincerely practiced. For that, one is advised to find a qualified Ananda Marga tantra yoga instructor.

Secondly, what happens when one aligns with the Vidya force with the help of spiritual practice? One will realise that progress in all spheres of existence imply struggle – struggle against a depraving force, a depraving idea, a depraving practice. Struggle means fight.

This spirit will surely come to those in alignment with the Vidya force. This fight will be both internal and external – internal means within one’s own mind. We have to develop awareness of how the crudying force is lodged in our own minds – in the various psychic propensities that make up the human mind – how we allow ourselves to be misguided by that Avidya force whereby negative tendencies are strengthened – tendencies such as fear, jealousy, shyness etc.

We then need a systematic practice to sublimate these tendencies and to dislodge this Avidya force from the mind. Here meditation is key – meditation on the Infinite Loving Consciousness. An authentic mantra has an inherent spiritual power, and that power is unleashed when the mind finds parallelism with the mantra. The elevating, sublime effect of the mantra consistently strikes at the root of the Avidya force in the mind. So, what is the essence of the mantra from where it derives it’s power? Pure Love. The subject of the mantra is the Supreme Being – the Infinite Loving Consciousness. Ideation (concentrating the mind on the Idea) on the Supreme progressively works to dislodge the Avidya force from the mind.

The second question was, having aligned with the Vidya (elevating) force what will happen? One will experience Self-development – as we have just touched on – and secondly, one will develop the inherent desire to render selfless service. This sense of selfless service will extend to the society and the spirit to fight exploitation going on in the society. Hence, Self-development – real spiritual development – automatically develops the spirit to fight for social justice, social liberation. In this respect, real spiritual practitioners are social revolutionaries. Let us fully commit to our own internal, self-development and join the external revolutionary fight to establish a Neo-humanist world.