Love for All is Neo-humanism which we are to create on earth!

breathelandHi everyone!

Now I would like to write something more on the lyrics of the Song “Carry us along”. I will discuss below only the two sentences of the Chorus…

_____ CHORUS:

[But] I’ll keep on fighting on / if it’s the last thing that I do

this is the tantric spirit – the be all and end all. If we want to make spiritual progress (and establish a just world), we have to adopt this spirit of fight – of course, this really runs counter to our conditioned mind – including our PC, western mindset. It’s important to be aware of this in ones individual life – I have noticed, where someone grew up in a very “pampered”, soft environment – they will have to do extra effort to get this “spirit of fight” feeling in their life. Without this fighting spirit we end up slave to the ego, the base propensities and the exploiters in the society.

I’ll take that hand / walk through the flames / we’ve got a job to do

What hand are we to take? That is the question. A big question in our human life. Only human life? No, in the life of all developed beings in the creation. I believe that on this point it really is the same on all dimensions and in all points of the time-space continuum – the creation is about living beings developing themselves. How are they to do that? Through aligning with the subtle, elevating force in the creation (“Vidya maya” in sanskrit) the result of which is the experience of the Self – the divine consciousness within. That experience leads to the experience of the Supreme Self, of which that so-called individual self is actually just a reflection on the individual mental plate.

So, yes, that “hand” is there – always there. No matter how deeply we may fall into the “MAYA” – the illusory force of ignorance – whether on this 3rd dimensional plane (Loka), the 4th dimensional “Astral” plane, or any higher or lower planes of existence. The point always remains the same: Ba’ba’ Na’m Kevalam – everything is the expression of one, Infinite Loving Consciousness. So, even if by one’s karma, one should end up in the basest, cruelest part of the lower astral plane, the solution is the same – let the mind hold the vibration of “Ba’ba’ Na’m Kevalam” and progress will be forthcoming.

That Supreme Consciousness is with us, ever with us, because we exist within “His” macrocosmic thought projection. We are Internal to “Him” (Using “He / Him” reflects the limitation of the english language in this regard – the Supreme Being does not, of course, have a gender).
So, take that hand – hold that hand, learn how to do that, how to get over the complex of shyness or disbelief, or inferiority. Dogmatic religion taught us to fear God – spirituality – Dharma – has always taught us that God is Infinite Love and to Love God – the Supreme Consciousness – as our nearest and dearest and most beloved – as our Ba’ba’!

You can see that the relationship between the spiritual aspirant and the supreme is completely personal – the most personal, love-saturated relationship any being will ever have in this creation. This is called “Bhakti” – devotional love.

So in our human existence – that moment of expression within the vast cosmic cycle of creation – after we have passed through so many millions of expressed life forms, and we then attain this exalted state as a human being, we are then able to consciously realise the purpose of our existence and of the Creation itself. And that purpose is purely and simply to Love! To love the Supreme, the Supreme Consciousness which is all that is. Now, when someone becomes obsessed with this Love for the Supreme – for your Ba’ba’ – something happens. Ultimately, you become that Infinite Love – You become one with the Supreme as a drop of water becomes one with the Ocean – becomes, the Ocean.

By loving the Supreme – your Ba’ba’ – one has to love Everything, because everything is the expression of that Supreme consciousness – the creation is “simply” the metamorphosis of that Supreme Consciousness – just as water, ice and steam are all just different forms of the one substance, water! The creation with all it’s trillions of galaxies, stars, solar systems, planets and myriad lifeforms in the mundane and supramundane dimensions are just different forms of the one substance – Consciousness. And what is the quality of that consciousness? Love. Infinite Love!

It’s that simple! We are to develop love in our lives – that is the project! Nature provides us with small steps to develop this love – firstly for our mother, our father, our families, then when a little more developed, we develop love for our clan or tribe or community, then our nation, then the whole human world, meanwhile we also develop love for our pets, then the animal and plant world, then for all living beings, all the while developing love for the Supreme Consciousness which is the essence of All that Is. This Love for All is called “Neo-humanism” and it is this Neo-humanism that we are to create on this planet. And to do this, we will have to fight courageously on every level against the the vested interests. So:

“take that hand / walk through the flames / we’ve got a job to do”.

Affectionately! dada dharma