Jesus the Yogi


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I found the above photo on the internet… i like it very much… it was deeply moving for me…

To me, it liberates Jesus from the “Churchianity” that followed in his name. This is much closer to the Jesus that I believe walked the earth. Jesus, the Yogii, Jesus the Revolutionary, Jesus the breaker of dogma and oppression…

dada dharma


Zeitgeist: The Movie, The Jesus question

Zeitgeist critique, the Jesus question Part 2

Christianity in this view was largely a political creation of the declining Roman Empire that then eventually transitions to the Catholic Church, with its own agenda of political power. As history testifies, that eventually degenerated into an agenda of domination and exploitation of human beings. The pope replaces the Emperor, and the clerics replace the soldiers. It was the age of Intellectuals, and religion became the medium for power of the Intellectuals – that is, the priest class.

No doubt, when dealing with huge institutions the agenda as conceived at the top of the pyramid will not find uniform expression all the way down to the masses at the bottom. Hence many – including from among the priesthood – will have had a genuine devotional love for Jesus and God or the Supreme Consciousness. Hence, there is a dynamic of tension between the worldly – indeed – imperialist – agenda at the top of the pyramid and what happens further down. No doubt, this is the same today – the top of the pyramid has its agenda – unknown to the lower levels – which work in compartmentalised ways so even as they are materialising the agenda at the top, they are not aware it.

In the spiritual realm this relates to the question of dogma and its affect on spiritual realisation. If the basic tenets of a belief system are politically created – that is, created to serve worldly agendas – and those dogmas are accepted by a person, can there be any scope for spiritual realisation?  I would say, yes, but that the spiritual realisation would be limited by the extent to which the individual has internally accepted the dogmas. This is, indeed, a great challenge when one looks at the state of the world’s religions today.

My personal advice to people who align with a religion but who wish to expand their spiritual experience, is to focus on two things. Firstly, Love for the Supreme – cultivate as much love and longing for that Supreme Being as they possibly can, and here there are no limits!  Secondly, ask the Supreme Entity to guide their minds to the right path. That’s it. Simple!

While I’m in “dispensing advice” mode, I suggest the Zeitgeist editors drop the “Jesus did not exist” line in their next version!