Avidya: the Crudifying force in the Universe…

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Below is an interesting extract from a short discourse about the “force of ignorance” that is believed to present in the Creation. I mentioned in an early post about the two forces at work in the creation: Vidya – the positive, elevating force, or force of knowledge, and Avidya, it’s opposite – the force of ignorance – technically, that which metamorphoses Consciousness into condensed or crudified forms culminating in solid matter – highly densified consciousness.

The below discourse by Shrii Shrii A’nandamurti explains some other aspects of Avidya.

N.B. The word quinquelemental means the five elements: Etherial, Aerial, Luminous, Liquid & Solid factors.

“Everything in this quinquelemental universe is of transitory nature.. But when due to the influence of this Avidya, the cardinal ignorance, one thinks that everything will remain with oneself, as it is or as they are, this defective style of thinking is Avidya – that is, when he considers this transitory (Anitya) world to be as permanent (Nitya), impure as pure, worldly pains as bliss and [the] non-spiritual, i.e., material, as the Supreme, this is Avidya. These are different varieties of Avidya.

It is like a dog chewing a bone. There is nothing in the bone but while chewing, the dog’s lips get cut and bleeding starts. It sucks its own blood, yet it considers the blood as juice coming out of the bone. Though actually the dog is getting hurt it imagines that it is feeling happiness. Such thing happens on account of Avidya. One regards crude, lifeless and non-living objects as having sparkling of souls or as spiritual idols. These are all due to Avidya.”

from Ananda Vacanamrtam part 2, Shrii Shrii A’nandamurti

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