Fasting will help Save the World!

Continuing on from the positive effect of fasting on the process of “self-purification”…

As each of us individually move forward on this path of “self-purification” – our body and minds becoming more and more subtle, and able to hold the subtle spiritual vibrations – this definitely affects things around us! Absolutely! We become beacons of positive spiritual waves in the environments we live and move in, helping others in their journeys of elevation. This is going on in the world today on a mass scale. It is doing important work in the general process of global transformation that we are all here to experience and witness and play our part in bringing about!So, go ahead, deeper into your practices, or if you are still looking, then make yourself more and more intensely curious about spirituality, self-realisation, expansion of consciousness and the global shift going on. Sustain that intense curiosity on a daily basis – find inspiring readings or art works or music or visits to nature – whatever does it for you – and then watch as amazing things start happening around you – connections made, people you meet, inner realisations that come up – and be ready to take the next step which at some point will be formally entering into the practice. More on all of that later…


Fasting gives you more time for the subtle pursuits…

jesusmeditating-1-1Hi friends!

Today is fasting day – yip – that means no food or water for 24 hours – from sunrise to sunrise the next day! In our tantra yoga we fast according to the lunar cycle – that is, the position of the moon – namely, 11 days after the full moon and 11 days after the new moon. I also fast on the full and new moons to get extra benefit

People often shudder when i mention that i’m fasting, but actually, it’s really fun! It’s a bit like climbing a hill – you know it’s going to be demanding, that you’re going to struggle, sweat and feel exhausted, but that you’re also going to get super-inspired – the fresh air, feeling the wind on your face, exercising the body, the amazing views, and the sense of achievement at having completed something difficult.

Yes, that’s sort of how i find fasting! The benefits of fasting are many: it gives complete rest to the digestive system, allowing the body to use that extra energy to do house cleaning – removing toxins and healing the body. It also has a great effect on the mind – the mind is in control of the body (rather than the other way around) – so the mind becomes stronger. You also have more time – time to do other enjoyable things – maybe to do more meditation that day, or spending longer in yoga exercises, or maybe doing something creative. Of course, one has less energy so it’s not a good time to actually go trekking up hills! And a really good part of fasting is the next day when you break the fast – your appreciation for water and even very simple food grows immensely – one develops a real respect for bountiful nature than gives us all our physical nourishment. One also develops healthy empathy for those who don’t get enough to eat… So, yes, fasting is super postive. Ask me if you’d like to know more about how to do it!