Icke’s latest: Big Brother, Big Picture

Hi All

I have just finished watching David Icke’s: Big Brother, Big Picture – a video of a presentation he gave on July 6th 2008 to the constituents of Haltemprice and Howden in England, in the run up to the by-election forced by the resignation of the standing-member, David Davis.

While Icke’s key themes do not distinguish themselves as being original today – they are widely covered by numerous other researchers and authors – they do, however, hold a special prominence in that many of them he published almost 20 years ago. Icke, then is a veteran in the field of exposing what is going on behind the scenes in the world today. One may not agree with all his claims, however, a balanced consideration of his main arguments – imminent emergence of a global fascist state with a world bank, world military and a micro-chipped population – do, I believe, deserve serious consideration.

One final comment: the themes of systematic manipulation and control of humanity by a transnational global elite can make very grim reading. I personally suggest that a positive pyscho-spiritual practice like meditation is of great value in being able to assimilate this type of information while maintaining a positive, balanced outlook. Particularly the universal mantra BABA NAM KEVALAM (Everything is an Expression of One Infinite, Loving Consciousness) is of tremendous value in this context. The mantra can be sung out loud to any tune, as well as repeated silently in the mind over and over, while feeling the meaning of the mantra. This reminds one of the Ultimate context within which this entire Cosmic order operates – as well as the tragic affairs of our human world. That context is, Infinite Love. How that Infinite Love becomes metamorphosed into suffering, mayhem and tragedy on the earth plane (and yet ultimately remains Infinite Loving Consciousness) can be the theme of another blog. The video is worth a watch.