Hey, I’m in here!

Hi everyone! This weblog is about my life as a yogic monk… So what does that mean? Well, try closing your eyes and imagine a 38 year old yogii wearing orange robes, with long hair and a black beard… Now imagine a magic carpet – say, a deep red persian carpet – and that carpet flying around the earth carrying the orange robed yogii to Europe, say, to Italy! And now imagine that a letter floats down into the hand of the orange robed yogii. The yogii opens the letter and gets instructions as to what he is to do: “Freely teach the ancient practices of yoga and meditation to the people of Europe. Learn of the forces that seek to control and manipulate humanity into submission to a dark future. Along with all progressive ones, dedicate your existence to ushering in the new-humanism of the new world”. Well that gives you a pretty good idea of what my life is about…

In this blog i will write of my adventures as i travel around Europe learning about and teaching “neo-humanism” and the wonderful practices of yoga and meditation to interesting and inspired people from all walks of life! I hope you enjoy!

You can email me at: dada2105@gmail.com


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