The power of a symbol: the pratiik

This is the symbol of Ananda Marga called the “pratiik“. Pratiik means emblem.
Shrii Shrii A’nandamu’rti:


“A triangle with one vertex up superimposed on another triangle with one vertex down, with the rising sun having a swastika inside. These are symbols of energy, knowledge, advancement and permanent victory, respectively.”

The triangle pointing downwards symbolizes internal development or meditation for self-realization. The triangle pointing upwards symbolizes action in the external world. The two triangles are in perfect balance. A person strives for balance between their internal life with their external life – service in the world.

The rising sun indicates progress that is the result of a balanced way of life. Thus the spiritual aspirant is progresses towards their goal of self-realization.

This spiritual victory is indicated by the swastika. Swastika is is a Sanskrit word that means “to have a good existence of a permamnet nature.” It is composed of su which meaning “good” and asti which means “to become.”

The Pratiik is a symbol that expresses a universal ideology of Self-Realization and service to humanity.


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