Channelling the muse…

My post last night started saying, “It’s late and I’m tired, so I’ll keep this short”… after writing, at 11pm the door bell rang – it was a friend who had travelled from another city to stay. Well, we talked till after midnight! By then I was really tired! I awoke at 6.30am remembering I was meeting another brother – at 6.45am – to review his meditation lessons! I jumped up washed, brushed teeth, donned the saffron robes, and arrived in our meditation room, sort of (!) on time! After that revision another brother had been scheduled for his revision. That proceeded. Then it was my meditation time. After that… the muse started calling… really longing… for whatever reason my heart was filled with anxiety… it’s strange when that happens and you don’t know why… Well between the anxiety and the Muse calling I went downstairs to our music room / lounge and a song came. The lyrics are below:

I’m on the path / searching the way / Somethings calling me today

I move on forward in a forest deep / my heart is pounding and my eyes they weep

I know there’s joy / I know there’s pain / I know the world is breaking again

I know we came / to fight the fight / but I feel alone, lost in the night

_____ CHORUS:

[But] I’ll keep on fighting on / if it’s the last thing that I do

I’ll take that hand / walk through the flames / we’ve got a job to do

Break out now / Break the chains / Tear the prison down

Catch the light shining deep inside / let it carry us along… [ carry us, carry us along ]


I’ve seen the serpents / exhaling venom / poisonous venom everywhere

I’ve seen their gods, so “uninformed” / sucking blood, feeding on the fear

But I’ve seen / a mighty figure / rising up with the Crimson Dawn

Holds a trident / gives the Power / and I know a new world is born [ new world is born ] [to Chorus]



[p.s. gotta run, intercity to London…]


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