Zeitgeist: The Movie; The Jesus Question…Part 1

Part 1

Here’s a few more of my thoughts on “Zeitgeist: The Movie”. The section of the movie dealing with Jesus, asserts that the story of Jesus was transferred from another religious figure and applied to him: that he was born of a virgin, that 3 Kings from the East followed a star to his birthplace, that he had 12 disciples, that he was sold for 30 pieces of silver etc, were all details, the movie claims,  transferred from the story of Joseph of the Old Testament. Joseph, they assert, was the prototype of Jesus. True? Maybe.

What I do reject, however, is the conclusion made in the movie stating that not only was the story of Jesus invented, but that Jesus himself was invented, that he did not exist at all. In support of this assertion the narrator states that there is no historical record outside of the New Testament corroborating that Jesus existed. My critique of this statement is quite simple: historical records and intellectual research which may produce viable “evidence” of something are not the only ways of knowing about reality either past or present. In fact, the movie reveals something of it’s own limiting paradigm in making this assertion.

Numerous mystics accessing the superconscious state have confirmed the historical existence of Jesus. However, in common with other claims of the Zeitgeist movie, what is revealed of his life bear little relation to biblical accounts. This point is very important. In the late 1980s the foremost Indian Master of Tantra Yoga, Shrii Shrii A’nandamurti, was engaged in initiating a small group of his disciples into an advanced tantric practice. He spoke in Bengali, however, at one point he turned to several non-Indian disciples and speaking in English said that Jesus had travelled to India and also received this initiation. I have spoken directly with several who were present and confirmed this account. In this sense, Jesus was a yogii – not only a yogii, but a tantric yogii – who attained a certain level of self-realization, and, presumably, returned to Palestine as a Spiritual teacher. On another occasion, A’nandamurtiji is reported to have stated that Jesus did not die on the cross. Other mystics experiencing the superconscious state that confirm that Jesus not only existed but was spiritually elevated include Paramahansa Yogananda and the German mystic Rudolf Steiner.

In conclusion my understanding is that Jesus did exist, was a tantric yogii, and that the superconscious state referred to earlier, is a valid way of knowing reality. (Part 2 continues below)


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