Zeitgeist: the Movie… a quote…

Hi All…

many of you watched the Zeitgeist movie


I’ve watched only the first few minutes but it resonates… I like J.M.’s phrase in reference to “institutionalised” religion:

“I don’t know what God is, but I know what God isn’t…”

George Carlin’s ruthless caricature of God as an insane megomaniac may be tolerable in the context of the fire and brimstone of religious dogma (so nicely protrayed in the movie) – however, I would caution about throwing “God” out with the bath water (so to speak!)… The mere fact that the priestcraft throughout human history grossly – and often intentionally misrepresented God / The Supreme – doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist. Additionally, the fact that when Lord Buddha gave no reply to the question of his disciples “Does God exist?”, also doesn’t mean God / The Supreme doesn’t exist. The “God question” is the profound challenge for our limited three dimensional intellect to fathom… Be wary of discarding the matter too soon…

Yes, discriminate and reject the religious dogmas that almost all of us in the world today have had thrown at us, conditioning our minds from birth. Stand back and let the shackles of those dogmas fall away, and in that strange and disorienting state free from the prison of those narrow ideas, take a deep breath and wonder… yes, just wonder… centre yourself in that state of wonder…

Follow this thread each day… that dissociated state free from the prison of those narrow ideas – those dogmas – and feel that wonderment… Cultivate this state… let things settle down inside you… feel the new freedom that comes from this new state… then begin to ask… Ask with a small voice, the voice of the unconditioned child in you… Ask to the vast infinity around you that even the arrogant senses bow to in wonder: “Guide my mind to the right path”…

Bring the power of your emotions to this process… deeply YEARN that your mind be guided to the right path… Cultivate this deep yearning – make this the pivotal part of your day – every day – secretly engage in this dialog… even while discharging all your other duties…

And be receptive when that Infinite Intelligence starts to manifest Itself in response to your heartfelt yearning… If this is done sincerely I can guarantee that a response will come… it has always come… it will always come… this is the start of Yoga… the path of Union with that Supreme, Infinitely Loving Consciousness that all genuine mystics and spiritualists realised…

And yes, George Carlin, in vilifying the wrathful “God” of our western religious tradition ask yourself just who that fire and brimstone entity really is… Now that is an amazing line of enquiry far more relevant to our present condition than most people realise… And let us ask ourselves whether such an unenlightened figure – or are we, in fact, talking about a plurality, a caste of gods – were mere imposters passing themselves off as “God”. And if, in fact, it is like this, just who are these powerful beings that our ancestors – from every corner of the earth – bowed to in submission. And where did they come from? And where are they now?

The Infinite Loving Consciousness spoken of by the mystics has nothing to do with the priestcraft that has contrived stories to terrify humans into submission to dark agendas, and are doing so today in myriad forms… That Infinite Loving Consciousness is the innermost essence of ourSelves and All that Is, and it is as near to us as we wish It to be… It is also the ultimate player in this dance of death going on in one little corner of the Universe, on a tiny blue planet that has become a battle field of adversarial forces vying for it’s future… As Infinite Loving Consciousness is the Ultimate player in this earthly drama there is no question as to it’s outcome. Still, we have been given a role to play, so let us awaken to our roles, rise boldly to confront the string-pullers, and do our part to usher in the blissful new consciousness of the new world… 😀 dd


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