As i sat for yoga asanas (exercises) i caught a mental vibration within me – it wanted to say… thanks. Thanks to those past and present mystics and moralists who gave themselves to the great task of helping human beings move beyond the maya – the illusion that there is only this phenomenal world – and to understand who and what we are. Someone once beautifully said: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”. That is quite the spirit of yoga. So, to all those past and present teachers – and there are many who are present with us now – sacrificing their comfort and pleasure to help humanity realise their divine, elevated selves, and exposing the forces of ignorance which have tried, are trying and will continue to try to keep humans enslaved to their senses in order to control and exploit – to those Great teachers, here to show us the way, i offer my humble salutations…


One thought on “Thanks…

  1. I endorse heartily that spirit of thankfullness, for those blessed beacons of light, so rare – perhaps – for without them doesn’t bare contemplating.
    And thank you too – dd – I have enjoyed your gifts here.

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