Zeitgeist: The Movie, The Jesus question

Zeitgeist critique, the Jesus question Part 2

Christianity in this view was largely a political creation of the declining Roman Empire that then eventually transitions to the Catholic Church, with its own agenda of political power. As history testifies, that eventually degenerated into an agenda of domination and exploitation of human beings. The pope replaces the Emperor, and the clerics replace the soldiers. It was the age of Intellectuals, and religion became the medium for power of the Intellectuals – that is, the priest class.

No doubt, when dealing with huge institutions the agenda as conceived at the top of the pyramid will not find uniform expression all the way down to the masses at the bottom. Hence many – including from among the priesthood – will have had a genuine devotional love for Jesus and God or the Supreme Consciousness. Hence, there is a dynamic of tension between the worldly – indeed – imperialist – agenda at the top of the pyramid and what happens further down. No doubt, this is the same today – the top of the pyramid has its agenda – unknown to the lower levels – which work in compartmentalised ways so even as they are materialising the agenda at the top, they are not aware it.

In the spiritual realm this relates to the question of dogma and its affect on spiritual realisation. If the basic tenets of a belief system are politically created – that is, created to serve worldly agendas – and those dogmas are accepted by a person, can there be any scope for spiritual realisation?  I would say, yes, but that the spiritual realisation would be limited by the extent to which the individual has internally accepted the dogmas. This is, indeed, a great challenge when one looks at the state of the world’s religions today.

My personal advice to people who align with a religion but who wish to expand their spiritual experience, is to focus on two things. Firstly, Love for the Supreme – cultivate as much love and longing for that Supreme Being as they possibly can, and here there are no limits!  Secondly, ask the Supreme Entity to guide their minds to the right path. That’s it. Simple!

While I’m in “dispensing advice” mode, I suggest the Zeitgeist editors drop the “Jesus did not exist” line in their next version!


Stress & karma: a few thoughts…

Hi friends!

Yes, a few thoughts on stress… it is well accepted that yoga practices help free a person from stress. Stress, I would say, is a natural part of living life and the more one lives life the more stress one has to confront. What changes, of course, through yogic practice is how we respond to stressful situations. As we progress in spiritual practice a number of interesting capacities develop that enhance our ability to deal with stressful situations. I will focus on one aspect here, namely the relationship between stress and karma.

[As I wrote the last sentence, an American colleague – entered the room and asked: “Would you like to enjoy some humour… a five minute cartoon about the U.S. elections?” I agreed willingly! [5 minutes later], well, it turned out to be rather “pro-system” – so i didn’t find it funny at all! Now, my friend is suggesting we watch another one… do I feel a twinge of stress coming on?! Well, how about that… he lost it! Now that’s looks like divine intervention! 🙂 ]

That little diversion does, of course, have it’s relevance, namely, the role humour plays in handling stress – finding a way to “laugh it out”. That’s something that I would like to do more often! Reflecting on that, practically I would need to build up some “humour resources” – videos, audio and printed materials and a few funny friends to call on time to time!

As I reflected on the stress state that was “lurking about me” this evening as I set out to a nearby nature reserve to meditate, an interesting insight came in my mind, namely, the karmic reaction to which that stress experience related. Okay, let’s unpack that one!

What is Karma? Karma means ACTION. The ancient yogiis discovered the following awesome cosmic law: for every action there is a reaction. What then is a “karmic reaction”? A reaction that follows from a karma – that is, an action. So what comes in the life of a spiritual practitioner is the insight – an intuitive insight – as to the karma (the action) that has precipitated the reaction – and the reaction often comes in the form of stress or clash. So what is the relevance of knowing what is the action that has caused the reaction (the stress)? When there is knowledge of why the stress has come the experience of the stress is quite often immediately reduced – even completely removed. Naturally, as well, removes the tendency we have to blame and project our situation onto others – when we realise that we are experiencing the reaction to our own action, there is no more a third party blame. Rather, the third party was simply the medium through which that karmic reaction came – they were not the cause of that, we were!

Now, if you’ve followed the logic you will now be asking about the original karma (action) that caused the stress/negative reaction. Does not the original karma (action) now become a source of stress? Yes, quite right! However, it does not carry with it the immediacy and intensity that the karmic reaction carries. Rather, it is one large step removed. We may well feel stress as we contemplate the original karma – and that is positive – nature’s way of making sure it gets addressed – a self-correcting mechanism.

Having identified the karma we are then in a position to apply rationality and goodwill to dealing with that karma. This is very important given that misguided, unenlightened actions are usually of a recurring nature in our lives. This process opens up the possibility to bring the light of awareness to those actions and to start the process of resolving /healing them. Of course, most of us possess certain behaviours that seem to be continually repeated despite our being aware of them. It’s as if the roots of those actions go very, very deep into our being. The application of Yoga principles can, in my experience, also assist here too, as can enlightened psycho-therapeutic approaches, that, however, is beyond the scope of this discussion.

In conclusion, spiritual practices – as well as helping us deal with stress in general ways – also open up the possibility to understand the karmic cause of a stressful event, leading to a reduction in the stress, as well as the possibility for self-responsibility for the original action (karma). As one enlightened personality once said: “problems can never be greater than our ability to solve them”. 🙂 dd

Zeitgeist: the Movie… a quote…

Hi All…

many of you watched the Zeitgeist movie


I’ve watched only the first few minutes but it resonates… I like J.M.’s phrase in reference to “institutionalised” religion:

“I don’t know what God is, but I know what God isn’t…”

George Carlin’s ruthless caricature of God as an insane megomaniac may be tolerable in the context of the fire and brimstone of religious dogma (so nicely protrayed in the movie) – however, I would caution about throwing “God” out with the bath water (so to speak!)… The mere fact that the priestcraft throughout human history grossly – and often intentionally misrepresented God / The Supreme – doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist. Additionally, the fact that when Lord Buddha gave no reply to the question of his disciples “Does God exist?”, also doesn’t mean God / The Supreme doesn’t exist. The “God question” is the profound challenge for our limited three dimensional intellect to fathom… Be wary of discarding the matter too soon…

Yes, discriminate and reject the religious dogmas that almost all of us in the world today have had thrown at us, conditioning our minds from birth. Stand back and let the shackles of those dogmas fall away, and in that strange and disorienting state free from the prison of those narrow ideas, take a deep breath and wonder… yes, just wonder… centre yourself in that state of wonder…

Follow this thread each day… that dissociated state free from the prison of those narrow ideas – those dogmas – and feel that wonderment… Cultivate this state… let things settle down inside you… feel the new freedom that comes from this new state… then begin to ask… Ask with a small voice, the voice of the unconditioned child in you… Ask to the vast infinity around you that even the arrogant senses bow to in wonder: “Guide my mind to the right path”…

Bring the power of your emotions to this process… deeply YEARN that your mind be guided to the right path… Cultivate this deep yearning – make this the pivotal part of your day – every day – secretly engage in this dialog… even while discharging all your other duties…

And be receptive when that Infinite Intelligence starts to manifest Itself in response to your heartfelt yearning… If this is done sincerely I can guarantee that a response will come… it has always come… it will always come… this is the start of Yoga… the path of Union with that Supreme, Infinitely Loving Consciousness that all genuine mystics and spiritualists realised…

And yes, George Carlin, in vilifying the wrathful “God” of our western religious tradition ask yourself just who that fire and brimstone entity really is… Now that is an amazing line of enquiry far more relevant to our present condition than most people realise… And let us ask ourselves whether such an unenlightened figure – or are we, in fact, talking about a plurality, a caste of gods – were mere imposters passing themselves off as “God”. And if, in fact, it is like this, just who are these powerful beings that our ancestors – from every corner of the earth – bowed to in submission. And where did they come from? And where are they now?

The Infinite Loving Consciousness spoken of by the mystics has nothing to do with the priestcraft that has contrived stories to terrify humans into submission to dark agendas, and are doing so today in myriad forms… That Infinite Loving Consciousness is the innermost essence of ourSelves and All that Is, and it is as near to us as we wish It to be… It is also the ultimate player in this dance of death going on in one little corner of the Universe, on a tiny blue planet that has become a battle field of adversarial forces vying for it’s future… As Infinite Loving Consciousness is the Ultimate player in this earthly drama there is no question as to it’s outcome. Still, we have been given a role to play, so let us awaken to our roles, rise boldly to confront the string-pullers, and do our part to usher in the blissful new consciousness of the new world… 😀 dd

Meditation: breaking out of the matrix…

Hi All, meditation is a process, it’s also a lifestyle with profound consequences for how one experiences reality… Should we be interested in reality today? Absolutely! I believe that reality is not quite as straight forward as it seems! In fact, in my blog yesterday i used the word “control” – that throughout human history we see numerous crude and subtle attempts to control people – kings with armies, priests and intellectuals with ideas, and merchants with money. And today is the same. What then does “control” have to do with “reality”? What’s the best way to control people? To “create” how they perceive reality. Think about it – if you can give a slave a view of reality that confirms the inevitability of his / her being a slave, then you have a compliant, accepting slave. So, the ability for a ruling order to create the perceived reality of their “subjects” is important for the viable continuation of that regime.

Could it be that the ruling order today is consciously, actively creating and imposing a “reality” that just happens to be conducive to controlling the population? Sound way out? I would suggest that an analysis of society today based on yoga principles would arrive at precisely this conclusion. In this sense what passes itself off as culture is not real culture but “pseudo-culture”, and that “reality-producing” pseudo-culture is carefully designed to keep the population compliant.

The most obvious example of this is the “War on Terror”, where the ones purporting to be fighting the terror are actually the ones perpetrating the terror – and yet, the compliant population accepts the phoney version. In other words we have been nicely “conditioned”.

So what does that have to do with meditation? Through meditation, one begins to access and experience the higher layers of mind. In Yoga there are understood to be 5 layers of the human mind. Typically human beings on this planet habitually access only the lower 2 layers, the instinctual mind (which works closely with the body), and the intellect, or analytic mind. And each of those layers of mind access a certain type of reality. As regards the imposition of a reality onto a population, practically it will only work at the lower layers of the mind – the narrower, more restricted layers of mind.

There are, however, 3 higher layers of mind – collectively known as the Intuitional layers of mind. Those higher layers of mind will transgress attempts at imposing reality that rely on the lower two layers. Hence, meditation – through accessing higher layers of mind – leads to the experience of a more expanded reality. Any imposed reality based on the lower two layers begin to fall apart. Hence, meditation has always been a profoundly revolutionary act – breaking out of the matrix. An important part of the ongoing struggle for the emancipation of this world from the forces of ignorance is meditation. I encourage everyone to learn meditation, expand the mind, be liberated from the “matrix” and enjoy bliss!


As i sat for yoga asanas (exercises) i caught a mental vibration within me – it wanted to say… thanks. Thanks to those past and present mystics and moralists who gave themselves to the great task of helping human beings move beyond the maya – the illusion that there is only this phenomenal world – and to understand who and what we are. Someone once beautifully said: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”. That is quite the spirit of yoga. So, to all those past and present teachers – and there are many who are present with us now – sacrificing their comfort and pleasure to help humanity realise their divine, elevated selves, and exposing the forces of ignorance which have tried, are trying and will continue to try to keep humans enslaved to their senses in order to control and exploit – to those Great teachers, here to show us the way, i offer my humble salutations…

I’m breaking fast & feel great!

My 24 hour fast just ended and I feel great. As I write, I’m drinking “lemon water” – a special, simple drink made from the juice of one lemon mixed with about a teaspoon of salt and dissolved into about a litre and a half of water (warm water is best if available). The combination of the acidity of the lemon juice with the salt actually makes the lemon water alkaline which is very beneficial to the body. The lemon water will clean out the intestines and bowels also creating a “flushing” effect – so it’s best to be close to a toilet after drinking it! If that’s really not possible, then use less salt to avoid the “flush” effect .

So, the digestive system just got to have a really good rest – do it’s house cleaning and house maintenance. Fasting has a hugely beneficial effect on health and wellbeing – both physically and mentally. It has been an integral part of mystic and spiritual cultures for thousands of years. It’s is an integral part of our modern Tantra Yoga system, playing it’s part in keeping the cells of the body healthy and subtle – yes, subtle. Spirituality as a practice will make the body and mind more and more subtle – and those subtle cells will be able to hold a higher and higher spiritual vibration, as we move closer and closer to “realising” our Inner Essence – our Selves as pure Consciousness.

Well, i’ve finished the 1.5 litres of lemon water and i can feel it gurgling around inside! I’ll be on a bee line to the toilet any minute!

Fasting will help Save the World!

Continuing on from the positive effect of fasting on the process of “self-purification”…

As each of us individually move forward on this path of “self-purification” – our body and minds becoming more and more subtle, and able to hold the subtle spiritual vibrations – this definitely affects things around us! Absolutely! We become beacons of positive spiritual waves in the environments we live and move in, helping others in their journeys of elevation. This is going on in the world today on a mass scale. It is doing important work in the general process of global transformation that we are all here to experience and witness and play our part in bringing about!So, go ahead, deeper into your practices, or if you are still looking, then make yourself more and more intensely curious about spirituality, self-realisation, expansion of consciousness and the global shift going on. Sustain that intense curiosity on a daily basis – find inspiring readings or art works or music or visits to nature – whatever does it for you – and then watch as amazing things start happening around you – connections made, people you meet, inner realisations that come up – and be ready to take the next step which at some point will be formally entering into the practice. More on all of that later…

Connecting with the zeitgeist…

Hi All,

i feel to share my experiences concerning balancing the internal journey with the external world. Tantra yoga can be expressed as “Self realisation and Service to the world”. That means it is both internal – or subjective – but also service-oriented – in it’s external expression. Maybe in the ancient past it was enough for the yogiis just to meditate – to withdraw from the world. In our tantra yoga we understand that that time is not now. We are to be in the world – to bring postive, dynamic change… and that means “confronting the
beast…” more on that later… dd

Awestruck at natures beauty…

Today i’ve been in the English seaside town of Brighton. I arrived a few days ago to meet with members of our tantra yoga group. We spent time chanting, meditating, discussing some spiritual readings, sharing great vegetarian food, and generally enjoying being together. Yes, just being together with inspired and positive minded friends is such a joy to me! We also enjoyed to walk along the seafront feeling the prana (vitality) of the sea air as the mighty ocean waves crashed upon the shore… How invigorating to feel the strong sea wind filled with sea spray and to see the ever moving grey, moody clouds! Make time to get out in nature – even if it’s just to walk in the local park… nature is awesome! It helps us to connect with ourselves again. Try to feel the Supreme Intelligence that is hiding within nature – in the wind, the sky, the earth, the water, the trees and in the myriad living beings that surround us… Remember what it was like as a child when you were awe-struck at the wonders of nature and the world… Connect again with your inner self and feel one with all that is… Enjoy!

Fasting gives you more time for the subtle pursuits…

jesusmeditating-1-1Hi friends!

Today is fasting day – yip – that means no food or water for 24 hours – from sunrise to sunrise the next day! In our tantra yoga we fast according to the lunar cycle – that is, the position of the moon – namely, 11 days after the full moon and 11 days after the new moon. I also fast on the full and new moons to get extra benefit

People often shudder when i mention that i’m fasting, but actually, it’s really fun! It’s a bit like climbing a hill – you know it’s going to be demanding, that you’re going to struggle, sweat and feel exhausted, but that you’re also going to get super-inspired – the fresh air, feeling the wind on your face, exercising the body, the amazing views, and the sense of achievement at having completed something difficult.

Yes, that’s sort of how i find fasting! The benefits of fasting are many: it gives complete rest to the digestive system, allowing the body to use that extra energy to do house cleaning – removing toxins and healing the body. It also has a great effect on the mind – the mind is in control of the body (rather than the other way around) – so the mind becomes stronger. You also have more time – time to do other enjoyable things – maybe to do more meditation that day, or spending longer in yoga exercises, or maybe doing something creative. Of course, one has less energy so it’s not a good time to actually go trekking up hills! And a really good part of fasting is the next day when you break the fast – your appreciation for water and even very simple food grows immensely – one develops a real respect for bountiful nature than gives us all our physical nourishment. One also develops healthy empathy for those who don’t get enough to eat… So, yes, fasting is super postive. Ask me if you’d like to know more about how to do it!